Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Just Benign!

As the title suggests, since being told the news that my tumor was benign, it's weird how alot of people assume because it was benign life just carries on with no further monitoring, appointments and side effects from the tumor itself or the surgery.

I think that even though we are lucky our tumors were benign some people forget that benign brain tumors can kill and some may even recur. Even though recurrence is less likely than in malignant tumors, the worry still does not go away of "what if mine comes back?"

Even though many tumors can be the same in name, they can be so very different in behaviour depending on the grade of tumor.

Anything growing in the brain is not good. It is a confined space within the skull and it cannot expand to accommodate a growing tumor. Therefore as they grow even benign brain tumors have the potential to become life threatening due to pressure on the brain. Then there are some benign tumors that can not be removed due to there location and the deficits it would cause being removed.

Regardless of tumors being benign or malignant, patients will need lifelong monitoring.

During my research for support and knowledge of brain tumors, I came across a very applicably named website "It's Just Benign" - Connecting benign brain tumor survivors everywhere. So, there's obviously alot of other people that deal with this comment aswell.


Alison said...

It might be benign but it is still a whacking great tumour that needs to but cut out of your head!

I'm glad you have found a group of people who know exactly what you've been through - the rest of us can only imagine what it is really like.

Feel free to smack me in the head if I ever say anything like "it's just benign"!

Stefani said...

My brother had a very rare and aggressive brain tumor. Over 18 months he went through 3 major brain surgeries, one spinal surgery, countless radiation treatments and chemotherapy, he developed seizures, developed a rare heart condition, lost the ability to open his left eye and wore a patch, lost the feeling in the left side of his face. After 18 months of fighting and keeping in good spirits, he lost his battle and died in the arms of his fiance... But it was just benign.

I know the journey you are on and you are doing an amazing job. You inspire me tremendously. Thank you for sharing your story with Violet and yourself.

~Audrey's Mom - Stefani

Samantha Trenerry said...

Aren't people strange? They come out with some interesting comments! I wonder if they would say "It's just benign" if it was growing in their own brain??

Ellen said...

Hi, Sarah. I am only just now reading this, and am happy that at least it is benign, though I know it is sill a big deal. I left you an award on my blog tonight.

Anonymous said...

Benign or malignant...its difficult for some to understand unless they've had one. I wish you the best and will continue to pray for you and all of us belonging to 'that club'...those of us living with tumors/cancer.

God bless.


Rebecca Geasley said...

I am scheduled to have a "Benign" brain tumor removed from my frontal lobe in 2 weeks. It has partially attached itself to a blood vessel (not good). I do have a wonderful surgeon in the top 1% in the Nation - so I am blessed, but honestly scared to death.

It's hard to sleep -- I just wish someone could tell me what to really expect afterwards -- will I experience headaches -- confusion, etc? Just can't get any clear answers.

All the best to all of you --